Enterprise vision

    Use science and technology to create green, to give mankind happiness and health!

    Create a famous brand in China's food industry!

    Enterprise values

    Keep making progress and create better products

    The survival purpose of outstanding enterprises is not to make money, but profit is the prerequisite for the survival and contribution to the world.

    The purpose of an outstanding company is to benefit the world, which is specifically expressed as: creating value for customers and society, beginning employees' growth and gaining happiness, and not preconditioning to harm the world and the interests of others!

    Enterprise mission

    To be a high-end food brand enterprise

    Contribute to the world, create value, and promote the increase of employees' wisdom, health, ability and income, and become a happy, professional, self-driven and efficient fast-growing excellent company!

    Enterprise tenet

    Carefully do quality

    strive to do word of mouth

    sincerely serve the public

    Our Jiuye organic green pepper, we never use herbicides and other pesticides. It is truly ecological food, green, environmentally friendly and healthy.Won the trust of our customers and friends!

    Management idea

    Houdezaiwu create brand

    Integrity management wins the world

    The core of enterprise development is organizational development, gathering of competent people, vision, mission, values, cultivation of mind and wisdom, self-driving and encouraging development, stimulating full of positive energy, and achieving the goal with happiness in the process!

    Management philosophy

    Quality first, customer firstScientific

    management, strive for excellence

    The key to management is to form and continuously grow positive emotions and positive energy within the organization, avoid any negative emotions and negative energy, so that all employees can work, study, grow, and progress happily and achieve excellent performance.

    Management is to gather people's hearts and firmly believe in the power of good;

    Managers must first lead by example, be fair and just, learn with an open mind, and improve themselves

    Enterprise's goal

    Do a good job in poverty alleviation and generate income for the people
    Go abroad and enjoy the world reputation

    The company actively responds to the national policy. Everyone who is rich is really rich. It has increased poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken areas in the west to increase the income of local farmers, and use enterprises to drive people's livelihood and promote overall economic development. Make good ecological and green food, and let China's green products go abroad and become famous all over the world.

  • Landscape Yilong, hometown of Zhude, capital of Zanthoxylum bungeanum
  • Never use herbicides and other pesticides is true.Ecological organic food! Green, environmental protection and health!
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