There are many types of Zanthoxylum in the country, including Hanyuan Zanthoxylum, Hancheng Zanthoxylum, Wudu Zanthoxylum, Xichang Zanthoxylum, and Shandong Zanthoxylum.The same kind of pepper is also divided into grades.Take Hanyuan pepper, Hanyuan pepper is also divided into "head goods", "big trend goods", and "tail goods".Just like the wolfberry in Ningxia, there are five types of wolfberry, and the wolfberry produced in the same area of Ningxia is divided into five types: Gong wolfberry, wolfberry king, premium wolfberry, premium wolfberry, and grade A wolfberry.The same kind of pepper is the same, also divided into grades.


"Top product": As the name implies, it is the first batch of selected and selected fine peppers in the mature season.This kind of pepper has full grains, all the peppers are open, there is no pepper seeds, and shows the characteristics of 2~3 peppers connected together, just like plum blossoms, the proverb "plum petals pepper".Plum petals and peppercorns account for more than 80%.


"Popular goods": It is the remaining pepper after the selection of the leader pepper.This type of pepper is slightly less full of particles. The pepper is all open, without pepper seeds, and a little "plum petal pepper", because after all, it is the selected pepper.Plum petals account for about 30%~~50%.


"Taozihuo": As the name implies, it is the tailed peppercorns selected by the "big trend" and the peppers with poor growth quality.This kind of pepper has small particles, partly open, with pepper seeds, impurities, and almost no plum petals.

  • Landscape Yilong, hometown of Zhude, capital of Zanthoxylum bungeanum
  • Qianjiufa company production of Jiuye green prickly ash using artificial planting, scientific management and other ways to grow, to the direction of ecological organic food development, green, healthy, environmental protection, in the market won the majority of customers love and praise.
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