How to choose pepper

Pepper is one of the indispensable seasonings in our daily cooking. The peppers we often come into contact with are generally divided into two types: red pepper and green pepper. Red pepper is used more frequently than green pepper, and it can be used for frying, stir-frying and braising. This article first talks about the choice of red pepper, while green pepper is another statement.

We summarize the purchase of Chinese pepper into four stepsOne look, two pinches, three smells, four tastes

Look ,mainly look at the color of the pepper, the size of the pepper grains, the number of openings and whether there are impurities.

To pinch , it means to feel whether the pepper is dry, the dried pepper will make a rustle when pinched. In addition, when you put the pepper back after pinching, observe the palm of your hand again to check whether the pepper contains mud impurities.

Smell ,of course, smell, good quality peppercorns have a natural fragrance, rather than moldy or other unpleasant smells. Smelling pepper is actually very particular. Some people just use their nose to sniff it directly. However, experienced people often hold the pepper for a while in the palm of the hand, and then smell the back of the hand instead of In the palm of your hand, if you can feel the aroma of pepper on the back of your hand, it means that the pepper is of good quality.

Taste , take a piece of pepper, gently bite it with your teeth, touch it with the tip of your tongue, and then spit it out with a few bites. At this time, you can carefully figure out whether the pepper is bitter, astringent and other abnormal tastes. Only the numb taste is pure. In case, Fang is called top grade. Please remember that when tasting peppercorns, don't grab a few, or even put a small handful into your mouth to chew, it will only numb your tongue like "wood", and you will not be able to taste it in the end.

When buying pepper, you also need to identify whether the pepper is adulterated. Adulters will not only add impurities to increase the weight of the pepper, but some will also dye the inferior pepper to achieve a bright color. The most important point is that the purchased prickly ash should be kept tightly closed, so as not to affect the use effect after the color and flavor are lost.

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